Lonely no more.

Entering her life,

A savior you were.

Shattered from despair.

You picked her up.

She was lost in a glare,

You gave her hope.

Something she never knew.

Tantalizing and heartfelt.

Your words were her cue,

To come out of the darkness,

And forget her past.

You were her future.

Her happy ever after.





I don’t want you anymore.

You’re not who you use to be.

Do I even know who that was?

Or were you always this way?

I was just side tracked from the truth.

With you, there were never any truths.

Never any honesty or faith.

I once saw my future with you.

Now it’s just a hellish nightmare.

Living in it day in and day out.

It’s not the same anymore.

You’re not the same anymore.

I don’t want you…

Bewildered Sanity


A bewildered sanity I had.
I was lost, dazed, and confused.
Yet I knew what was going on.
My soul felt shackled to yours.
Enslaved to your embrace.
It was so cold but warm at the same time.
My mind was cluttered.
An utter chaos to what had been.
Now a mere memory of our consequential past.
The two of us.
Nothing could be more wrong.
I was the smooth skin,
Of which your knife had so perfectly pierced.
The wounds so deep.
Scattered in my mindless thoughts.
Lost in the dark forest.
There was no light to guide me out.
A girl I surely was.
Tangled in your despair.
My heart was in your hands.
I watched as you squeezed it with joy.
The blood oozing down your fingertips.
Nothing was left of me.
You burned red in my black and white world.
Beautiful man,
You are the death of me.

Truly Yours

I just know it’s not easy to make the best of what we have.
I just asked you to add me into your life to make a difference.
I’ll do whatever it takes.
There is no limit to what I would do for you.
I choose you and I know you feel the same way.
Just by the way you looked at me since day one.
I know that I’m not always right about many things in the past.
I’ve made my share of mistakes.
But I know I’m right about one thing,
And that’s how I feel about you.
Right now it’s just me and you.
I’ve waited months for this moment.
I’ve waited my entire life for you.
I may not have known that before.
But I know that now.
Will you be mine?

I Stand Alone

I sit and wait…
Wait for my heartache to end.
Wait for the days to finish.
I sit and dream…
Dream of a better me.
Dream of a different you.
I sit and think…
Think of how i let this happen.
Think of a way to move on.
I sit and cry…
Cry because I love you.
Cry to release my pain.
I sit and beg…
Beg for you to change.
Beg for what I deserve.
I sit and watch…
Watch you apologize for your mistakes.
Watch you grovel in your tears.
I sit and listen…
Listen to your plea.
Listen to why I should stay.
I sit and feel…
Feel my heart breaking in my chest.
Feel the sadness and regret in your voice.
I sit and decide…
Decide to live for myself.
Decide to stop fighting for nothing.
I stand up and say.
Say f*ck you for taking the best of me.
Say screw you for giving up on me.

I stand alone…

Wings of Love

Wings of Love

Love was once a mystery to me.
Something I lay hidden, buried from the world.
I never thought it would show its face.
But as a caterpillar manifests itself in a small, dark cocoon, growing and developing, so did the love that was hidden inside me.
When you entered my life, I was a tiger, strong and fierce, ready to attack.
Mysterious and sharp, I hid behind the bushes, fully aware of my surroundings.
But you came and showed me that even a tiger must slowly make its way out of the bushes and through the cool crisp air of the darkened night, to quench its undying thirst.
You were my water.
You quenched my soul with your love.
You revealed a truth about life that I had so unknowingly let diminish.
I felt like a phoenix, re-born again, rising from the ashes of its despair.
I found a new lease on life, one that I had given up on.
I felt the cocoon beginning to crack from what was quickly growing inside of it.
It couldn’t be contained anymore.
The cocoon was shattered and emerged a beautiful butterfly.
Its wings were so vibrant and alive as it fluttered through the bright sunny sky, looking down at what was once its dark lonely home.
Free at last.
Its life has now begun.




Through the mist of the night, a feeling creeps up through my bones.

A feeling so strong,taking over my body.

A quiver of desperation strikes.

The pain I once had has become alive again, back with a raging force.

Like a snake, slowly making its way, lingering under my feet.

The smell of my body entices it.

Slowly, it swirls through my toes, up my leg, capturing every scent my body has to offer.

It pauses, rests its head on my chest, listening to my beating heart which was quickly growing faster, stronger.

The look in its eyes assures me that it will soon be over.

As it made its way to my neck, a slow, painful feeling hit my entire body.

It immediately goes warm.

The blood rushes to my head, filling it with its last few memories.

The thought of you makes its way to me.

What was once my happiness has become my downfall.

The pain slowly goes away, as a smile sneaks its way across my face.

A quiet “thank you” was uttered as the snake slithered away.

The night was silent again.

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