Love Hands

Love Hands

Drawing has always been a great love of mine. It takes me into a place where I am just one with myself, expressing all my feelings threw a simple pencil and paper. I made this drawing about two years ago of my boyfriends hands. I have always had a strange attraction to his hands. I believe it was one of the reasons that initially attracted me to him. A mans hands in my opinion signifies strength and courage and I believe he embodies that very well so I had to capture it on paper. Using my hands to create his.

Love you babe 🙂



Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

I chose this picture as this weeks photo challenge because I feel the beach is the perfect example of being near and far. Being on the shore and entering the water as it hits across the shore line gives us the feeling of being so near, in fact, apart of the ocean; but being that the ocean is so vast and expansive, we have no idea how far it goes from that small part we are in. Having the ocean water ripple threw my toes is such an easing and freeing feeling that I can hardly put into words. I absolutely love looking out into the endless water and seeing the sun being swallowed by it while the birds fly back and forth threw the sky.


The Sun Shine Award

I am very honored to be nominated by Poetryblogofmine for the Sun Shine Award. Thank you very much


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1. What is your favorite Christmas/festive movie?

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

2. What is your favorite flower?


3. What is your favorite non-alcoholic beverage?


4. What is your passion?

I absolutely love to draw and express my creative side threw a simple pencil and paper. I also love to write poems as well.

5. What is your favorite time of year?

The Holiday Season.

6. What is your favorite part of the day?

Noon, when the sun is shining high and bright in the sky.

7. What is your favorite physical activity?


8. What is your favorite vacation?

When I went to the Disney World Resort a few years ago.

Who I Nominate:











Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit


A little bird sits along the shore line,
Watching the many two legged creatures,
Frolicking across the sand,
Running up and down.
Into the water they go.
As quick as they run in,
They run back out.
On a hot summers day,
The water is still briskly cool.
Quiet little bird,
Sits across the shore line.
Watching the days go by.
A soaring spirit,
Free as can be.


A Ring is Only a Ring


Remember that ring you gave me?

Remember the sparkle in my eyes?

It was a shimmer of hope.

A look into my future.

A promise that you’d always be in it.

But a promise is only a promise,

Until it is fulfilled.

You broke every promise you had ever made to me.

All my dreams diminished.

So tiny and far away.

Just like that little sparkle,

That shimmered in the ring.

The ring that you gave me.

So long ago.





I don’t want you anymore.

You’re not who you use to be.

Do I even know who that was?

Or were you always this way?

I was just side tracked from the truth.

With you, there were never any truths.

Never any honesty or faith.

I once saw my future with you.

Now it’s just a hellish nightmare.

Living in it day in and day out.

It’s not the same anymore.

You’re not the same anymore.

I don’t want you…

Bewildered Sanity


A bewildered sanity I had.
I was lost, dazed, and confused.
Yet I knew what was going on.
My soul felt shackled to yours.
Enslaved to your embrace.
It was so cold but warm at the same time.
My mind was cluttered.
An utter chaos to what had been.
Now a mere memory of our consequential past.
The two of us.
Nothing could be more wrong.
I was the smooth skin,
Of which your knife had so perfectly pierced.
The wounds so deep.
Scattered in my mindless thoughts.
Lost in the dark forest.
There was no light to guide me out.
A girl I surely was.
Tangled in your despair.
My heart was in your hands.
I watched as you squeezed it with joy.
The blood oozing down your fingertips.
Nothing was left of me.
You burned red in my black and white world.
Beautiful man,
You are the death of me.

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