Life is the Ultimate Gold Medal

Hello everyone. Sorry I’ve been away for a while but for good reasons, the 2012 Summer Olympics! I have been watching these games since day one as if it was a job. First off, I want to congrat Michael Phelps as the greatest Olympian champion of all time. What a title! At just 27 years old, he sure has accomplished a lot. Another up and comer, Ryan Lochte, who gave his all during the games. Although he did not come out on tp as many of us had anticipated, he still did his best and that’s much more than many of us can say for ourselves. Besides, his smile makes up for it ;).

Moving on to women’s gymnastics. The U.S.A women’s gymnastics team is probably one of the most youngest and talented team I have ever seen. These young girls are so filled with dedication and love for their sport, it truly is inspiring. The past couple of weeks for this team was definitely filled with ups and downs, from Jordan Weiber not making the all around, to Gabrielle Douglas winning gold.

There were so many new and young athletes making their Olympic debut as well as paving the way for others, proving that hard work and motivation does pay off. Congrats to the entire Team U.S.A for all their hard work and dedication both as a team and individually, and for making our country proud. Although, my favorite sports were swimming and gymnastics, I did keep up to date with many others.

What I enjoyed the most was everyone’s individual story of what pushes them to be the best. I hope everyone else can learn from these athletes and see that hard work and dedication does pay off, even if you don’t win a gold medal. Day to day life isn’t about winning gold medals, but rather being focused and achieving what we set out for, having fun along the way and making the best of the life you have. That is our gold medal.