Fifty Shades…..

The Fifty Shades Trilogy…. Imageoh my… what woman hasn’t had their fill of this book? I’m not much of a reader but after hearing so much about this book and the oh so infamous Christian Grey, I have definitely come to see what all the fuss is about. It is a page turning, mind hooking, toe curling, choice of words, phrases, scenarios, all jumbled up into one heart clenching story. In the end it leaves you feeling like these characters have become apart of your life and I’m sure some of you have made it a priority to turn your men into your own Christian Grey, leaving them in shock, not knowing if to comply happily or become worried. In the end of all the hype, Fifty Shades is definitely one to talk about, to keep your mind on, and to fantasize about while in a boring office meeting. Although it is author EL James’ first set of books, I am certain it won’t be her last. I am confident she will be back by a popular demand. Until then Christian Grey fans. 😉