A Ring is Only a Ring


Remember that ring you gave me?

Remember the sparkle in my eyes?

It was a shimmer of hope.

A look into my future.

A promise that you’d always be in it.

But a promise is only a promise,

Until it is fulfilled.

You broke every promise you had ever made to me.

All my dreams diminished.

So tiny and far away.

Just like that little sparkle,

That shimmered in the ring.

The ring that you gave me.

So long ago.






I don’t want you anymore.

You’re not who you use to be.

Do I even know who that was?

Or were you always this way?

I was just side tracked from the truth.

With you, there were never any truths.

Never any honesty or faith.

I once saw my future with you.

Now it’s just a hellish nightmare.

Living in it day in and day out.

It’s not the same anymore.

You’re not the same anymore.

I don’t want you…

Bewildered Sanity


A bewildered sanity I had.
I was lost, dazed, and confused.
Yet I knew what was going on.
My soul felt shackled to yours.
Enslaved to your embrace.
It was so cold but warm at the same time.
My mind was cluttered.
An utter chaos to what had been.
Now a mere memory of our consequential past.
The two of us.
Nothing could be more wrong.
I was the smooth skin,
Of which your knife had so perfectly pierced.
The wounds so deep.
Scattered in my mindless thoughts.
Lost in the dark forest.
There was no light to guide me out.
A girl I surely was.
Tangled in your despair.
My heart was in your hands.
I watched as you squeezed it with joy.
The blood oozing down your fingertips.
Nothing was left of me.
You burned red in my black and white world.
Beautiful man,
You are the death of me.

Truly Yours

I just know it’s not easy to make the best of what we have.
I just asked you to add me into your life to make a difference.
I’ll do whatever it takes.
There is no limit to what I would do for you.
I choose you and I know you feel the same way.
Just by the way you looked at me since day one.
I know that I’m not always right about many things in the past.
I’ve made my share of mistakes.
But I know I’m right about one thing,
And that’s how I feel about you.
Right now it’s just me and you.
I’ve waited months for this moment.
I’ve waited my entire life for you.
I may not have known that before.
But I know that now.
Will you be mine?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth


This picture to me represents growth. These are my cousins, four of them to be exact, who are all brothers and sisters, plus one of the boys’ girlfriend. This is their family tree which continues to grow as they get older and begin their own family tree.


I Stand Alone

I sit and wait…
Wait for my heartache to end.
Wait for the days to finish.
I sit and dream…
Dream of a better me.
Dream of a different you.
I sit and think…
Think of how i let this happen.
Think of a way to move on.
I sit and cry…
Cry because I love you.
Cry to release my pain.
I sit and beg…
Beg for you to change.
Beg for what I deserve.
I sit and watch…
Watch you apologize for your mistakes.
Watch you grovel in your tears.
I sit and listen…
Listen to your plea.
Listen to why I should stay.
I sit and feel…
Feel my heart breaking in my chest.
Feel the sadness and regret in your voice.
I sit and decide…
Decide to live for myself.
Decide to stop fighting for nothing.
I stand up and say.
Say f*ck you for taking the best of me.
Say screw you for giving up on me.

I stand alone…

Life is the Ultimate Gold Medal

Hello everyone. Sorry I’ve been away for a while but for good reasons, the 2012 Summer Olympics! I have been watching these games since day one as if it was a job. First off, I want to congrat Michael Phelps as the greatest Olympian champion of all time. What a title! At just 27 years old, he sure has accomplished a lot. Another up and comer, Ryan Lochte, who gave his all during the games. Although he did not come out on tp as many of us had anticipated, he still did his best and that’s much more than many of us can say for ourselves. Besides, his smile makes up for it ;).

Moving on to women’s gymnastics. The U.S.A women’s gymnastics team is probably one of the most youngest and talented team I have ever seen. These young girls are so filled with dedication and love for their sport, it truly is inspiring. The past couple of weeks for this team was definitely filled with ups and downs, from Jordan Weiber not making the all around, to Gabrielle Douglas winning gold.

There were so many new and young athletes making their Olympic debut as well as paving the way for others, proving that hard work and motivation does pay off. Congrats to the entire Team U.S.A for all their hard work and dedication both as a team and individually, and for making our country proud. Although, my favorite sports were swimming and gymnastics, I did keep up to date with many others.

What I enjoyed the most was everyone’s individual story of what pushes them to be the best. I hope everyone else can learn from these athletes and see that hard work and dedication does pay off, even if you don’t win a gold medal. Day to day life isn’t about winning gold medals, but rather being focused and achieving what we set out for, having fun along the way and making the best of the life you have. That is our gold medal.