Wings of Love

Wings of Love

Love was once a mystery to me.
Something I lay hidden, buried from the world.
I never thought it would show its face.
But as a caterpillar manifests itself in a small, dark cocoon, growing and developing, so did the love that was hidden inside me.
When you entered my life, I was a tiger, strong and fierce, ready to attack.
Mysterious and sharp, I hid behind the bushes, fully aware of my surroundings.
But you came and showed me that even a tiger must slowly make its way out of the bushes and through the cool crisp air of the darkened night, to quench its undying thirst.
You were my water.
You quenched my soul with your love.
You revealed a truth about life that I had so unknowingly let diminish.
I felt like a phoenix, re-born again, rising from the ashes of its despair.
I found a new lease on life, one that I had given up on.
I felt the cocoon beginning to crack from what was quickly growing inside of it.
It couldn’t be contained anymore.
The cocoon was shattered and emerged a beautiful butterfly.
Its wings were so vibrant and alive as it fluttered through the bright sunny sky, looking down at what was once its dark lonely home.
Free at last.
Its life has now begun.



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