Lonely Night

The rain was pounding on the window sill. Lightning flutters the sky. I lay beside you, caress your sweet face. My love is fast asleep. The thunder roles and you jump. Don’t worry, I am right here. Right next to you. Everything will be ok.

I press you face against mine and hymn you a lullaby as you slowly open your eyes. You stare deep into mine and smile. I smile back knowing you are my security, my safe zone.

I kiss your soft, tender lips and you put your hands on my face. Our hearts begin to beat as one, faster and stronger. Your hands are like magic, caressing my every part. Now we are one. Your love is my medicine, my cure, my weakness, my everything. The storm outside is picking up, becoming stronger and more powerful, just like our love. The intensitiy builds. The fire rises.

This is where I belong, always in your arms. Nothing can ever take this away, nothing can break us apart. As our hearts slowly relax, you hold me in your arms and reassure me that this is where I belong. I tell you I love you and you respond forever and always. I kiss my love goodnight not knowing what the morning will bring.

I wake up and I am all alone. I look around in disbelief. Then I realize it was all a dream, reminiscent of what use to be. I sit up and grab the covers. I hold on to it, pretending it was you. I never want to let go. I don’t know how I did. Now I am all alone, for it was just another lonely night.


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